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Lighting Install

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Lighting Install

Lighting Install

Never leave yourself in the dark!

Are there areas in your home that feel a bit too dark? Do you buy lamps just to brighten up the room? Sometimes one or two ceiling lights isn’t enough. On top of being frustrating to live with, this brings no value to your property.

Our licensed electrician will carefully assess the existing lighting fixtures in your home and recommend better, more cost-effective options available.


LED bulbs are the most commonly used upgrade from normal bulbs. LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting solutions. The average LED lasts 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours or more. That is 2-4 times longer than most fluorescent, metal halide, and even sodium vapor lights.

LED bulbs and pot lights also come in a variety of different styles and colors to fit your budget and taste.

Pot lighting, also known as recessed lighting or high hats, gives off a modern style. It also allows the control of light levels, changing the environment from bright and cheery to dark and intimate.

If you wish to improve your lighting in your home, feel free to schedule a free consultation today.

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