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EV Charger Station

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EV Charger Station

EV Charger

Let’s go Electric!

With the ever increasing gas prices, electrical cars are becoming more and more popular. But are you equipped to get one? Like your phone, electric cars need to charge. Before purchasing one, consider checking if your electrical panel will be able to handle the load. If so, then our licensed electrician can install all the electrical requirements needed to have a charging station plugged into an outlet.

Before a licensed electrician can install an EV charger into your home, they will inspect all equipment and the installation area. You may also need an electrical system upgrade like installing a new dedicated 50 AMP, 240V circuit to support a level two EV charging station installation. Your licensed electrician will then perform the EV home charger installation following the manufacturer’s specifications while conforming to all national and local electrical code requirements. Last but not least, the electrician will conduct a full inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly. You’ll receive information on equipment features and their correct usage, necessary maintenance, as well as warranty terms.

When e-car owners are looking for EV charging station installations in the GTA, they turn to us. Our electric vehicle charging station installers are licensed and highly trained to offer quality services promptly.

Are you in need of electric car charger installation or other residential or commercial electrical work? Look no further than Ferdie Electric Inc. We’re dedicated to providing quality reliable electrical services all across the GTA.

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